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Company Description

DEOC cosmetics is a natural skincare brand. Our brand was founded by Dr. Mohamed Maged pharmacist & CEO of DEOC cosmetics, Dec. 2019 – Cairo, Egypt. DEOC has just launched first line of skincare products. And we had more than 3000+ happy customer reviews on our products on our social platforms & website. Our main aim in deoc., is building a big natural community who cares about quality of content, products & above all to create a great impact on each & everyone in our community, especially women of Egypt. Together we are also giving anyone information on how to love themselves & the environment they are surrounded by. You are welcome to join our passionate driven Family by just being your natural self, showing off your humanity, by showing the imperfections that perfectly flatters your skin. The brains behind DEOC is a mix of agricultural and chemistry, and the development of it is based on your definition of beauty; based on your feedback. We are only here to root for your shine, to help you care for yourself and expand the “Natural” society. What’s DEOC? An idea birthed from loving nature and being kind human beings. A passionate pharmacist with big dreams, he was wandering the lands in Germany. In his head, he missed his home: Egypt, and its wonderful fields. He worked in agricultural field for 4 years, and his love for chemistry is still intertwined in between. He wants to expand his beliefs, that loving nature and being kind human beings will save us more years. An idea became suddenly so clear. His reality became: DEOC (deutsch egyptian organic cosmetics), a natural cosmetics brand for everyone: eco-friendly, cruelty free and with premium quality. Not only are we giving you our beloved products, but we are also giving you information on how to love yourself and the environment you are surrounded with.