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  • Industry Data Analysis, AI & Machine Learning
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About me

My name is Sarah Fouda, I am a computer science graduate from arab academy for science and technology, artificial intelligence graduate from NTI 4 month initiative, I have been studying and implementing artificial intelligence for about a year and a half now gaining experience from trainings and internships I have experience with several python libraries and AI frameworks
I have worked on projects both in teams and individually, i have worked on data science projects where i performed EDA, feature engineering, feature selection and modeling, i have worked on natural language processing projects for chatbot, sentiment analysis, and name entity recognition(NER) for arabic dataset, i have implemented computer vision projects for face verification and recognition, image classification, and video classification.
I also have a strong background in software development with a strong foundation in data structures and algorithms and object oriented programming and I have done projects using flutter, django and kotlin and connecting them to the database using sqlite or firebase.
Also can work with version control tools like git and containerization tools like docker
I am also currently studying cloud computing for my knowledge and to know how applications are run on a server or cloud specially google cloud platform (GCP) and google cloud products for artificial intelligence and working on learning how to deploy ML models on GCP
contact info:
linkedin username: sarahfouda
whatsapp: +201157533112
github username: sarahfoudaa