About Nesma talaat

  • Academic Level  Bachelor Degree
  • Gender  Female
  • Industry  Marketing & Advertisement
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About me

I’m Nesma Talaat, a social media moderator with more than 5 years in social-media related job positions

I worked both in big corporates and in startups. That is help me gain the ability of working in both and organised work environment and hassle one!

In my previous career was lucklily in two startups: Direxiona: an app connecting nich clients to driving instructors; second startup was Kotobna where I was responsible for social media moderation & content on books. In Direxiona, I was more on operations, customer assistance, and problem solver.

In Kotobna, content and moderation was my main role plus operations and sales.

I m currently looking to upgrade my skills in content creation and join a company, where the environment of learning and raising my skills will be there.

Also, I’m a key player in managing different accounts’ moderations. I gained great experience through working in one of the digital marketing agency.

You can count on me if you are looking for a new team member in your agency!

I’m a quite but smart, organised and focused person. I love watching series, movies, and cooking.

My Skills: time-management, problem solving, facebook meta business, team communication, and facebook and instagram tool management in client handling and operations.