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Spare parts warehouse managerManage

inventory in accordance with the company’s policies and vision.
• Supervising receiving, storage and maintenance operations.
• Planning a variety of numbers and a variety of available spaces.
• Continue to monitor the implementation of operational processes well.
• Adhere to storage and shipping requirements.
• Providing production management/other department required daily.
• Documentary materials that led to the storage of the bottle
Arrange the raw materials in the correct manner inside the warehouse and place a statement card on it so that it is easy to access without any hassle.
• Ensure the safety of storage and the presence of fire safety means.
• Ensure that the warehouse is ventilated for goods that require this, and place identification cards for the store.
• Building a database of assets/location of goods in each store.
• Make sure to use the first-in, first-out method.
• Receiving and arranging the goods properly to avoid damage or breakage.
• Maintaining the cleanliness of warehouses and ensuring easy access to goods.
• Develop plans for the warehouse and the locations of the goods