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  • Academic Level Bachelor Degree
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Food & Beverages
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About me

Mohamed: Coordinating the work inside the restaurant in the external and internal parts of the restaurant on a daily basis. Supervising the provision of distinguished service and increasing customer satisfaction Accurately dealing with customer complaints and providing appropriate solutions. Regularly review production quality and improve sales volume. Supervising employee appointments and scheduling rest periods and vacations. Evaluate employee performance and provide feedback to improve productivity. Follow up on requirements for tools and products for operations and report requests periodically. Supervising the implementation of health and safety rules and preventive measures. Improving customers’ mental image and providing suggestions to develop services and gain customer loyalty. Managing operational budgets and determining procedures that help reduce expenses.
Mohamed: Create detailed reports periodically on revenues and expenses. Providing suggestions for various marketing methods, such as discount offers and advertisements on social media networks. Training new and existing employees to improve customer service. Implement plans and policies that maintain the restaurant’s reputation and increase customer loyalty.