About Mohamed Abdallah

  • Academic Level  Bachelor Degree
  • Gender  Male
  • Industry  Manufacturing & Production
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About me

An accomplished professional with an extensive background in Management
as General Manager, Operation Site Manager, Plant Manager, Site Safety
Manager, Quality Control / Assurance, Production Planning, and GMP
Implementation, complemented by over 20 years in various roles at Colgate
– Palmolive Egypt. Adept in overseeing warehousing, production lines, and
quality assurance, harnessing expertise honed through roles such as Quality
Control & Production Line Inspector, Quality Assurance Chemist, and
Production Planning Manager. Proficient in GMP phases I, II, and III, and
skilled in GMP auditing, supply chain coordination, and project management.
An expert in implementing ISO standards, alongside in-depth knowledge in
hardware, networking, and software proficiency. A results-driven individual,
committed to leveraging a comprehensive educational background and
industry experience to drive operational excellence, optimize quality
standards, and contribute significantly to organizational success.


  • 1983 - 1988
    Faculty of Science - Alexandria University

    B. Sc. In special chemistry

    I have passed my Bachelor of Science in special chemistry