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  • Academic Level  Bachelor Degree
  • Gender  Male
  • Industry  Others
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About me

I am a loyal and trustworthy leader who will support my senior managers in achieving the company targets and goals they set. I am self-motivated and can drive a team towards achieving their full potential by quickly assessing each team member’s strengths, whilst also helping them to improve on their weak areas.

 I always focus intently on the strategic goals of an organization regardless of the pressure I am under and feel I am a very strong communicator and negotiator. I also can continually review my performance to ensure I maintain and develop my skills, knowledge, and expertise to continually grow and develop with my employer.

 Finally, if I am given a task or project to complete, I will carry out my duties diligently and professionally and make good use of the people and resources I have available. I feel strongly that if you allow me to become your Team Leader you will be extremely pleased with my performance as I can be relied upon to meet my objectives efficiently and successfully.