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  • Academic Level Bachelor Degree
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  • Industry Marketing & Advertisement
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About me

My name is Mahmoud Sobhy, and I am looking for an internship in public
relations, communication, event management, or operations. These are
the fields I have worked in and have some experience in them.I can also play a role as an assistant or associate
The goal of my internship is to obtain guidance from a mentor so that
I can be used correctly to obtain the necessary experiences and skills
and guide them properly in order to benefit the company in which I work.
I was a trainee in public relations and operations at New Level Events Company for events. I was also a trainee in events
management at Ambition Development Company. I was also a trainee in
public relations at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
In return, your company will get a hardworking, ambitious person who
seeks development and learning, who is able to work full time and does
not face a problem with travel or time.