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  • Academic Level Bachelor Degree
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Engineering (Electric, Mechanical, Mechatronics)
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About me

Dedicated and results-driven Sales Support professional at AlexForm with a proven track record in streamlining order processes and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. As a vital member of the sales team, I specialize in managing orders from initiation to delivery, ensuring a seamless experience for clients. My responsibilities include proactively communicating with clients to coordinate timely product receipt, addressing inquiries, and providing exceptional support throughout the sales cycle.

Key Skills and Responsibilities:
🔹 Order Management: Expert in handling end-to-end order processes, from order creation to shipment tracking, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every transaction.
🔹 Client Communication: Proactively engage with clients to provide updates on order status, address inquiries, and ensure a positive customer experience.
🔹 Sales Team Collaboration: Work closely with the sales team to understand client needs, contribute to effective sales strategies, and facilitate smooth order fulfillment.
🔹 Reporting: Compile and analyze data to generate insightful reports for management, aiding in decision-making and identifying areas for improvement.
🔹 Quotation Support: Assist the sales team by preparing and managing quotations, contributing to the overall sales process.

I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and thrive in fast-paced environments. My goal is to contribute to the success of the sales team at AlexForm by leveraging my skills in order management, client communication, and reporting. Open to collaboration and always seeking opportunities to enhance efficiency and drive results.

Let’s connect and explore ways we can collaborate to achieve mutual success in the dynamic world of sales!