About Abdelrhman Soliman

  • Academic Level Bachelor Degree
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Mining & Petroleum
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About me

I am a fresh petroleum engineer with a cumulative grade of excellence and honors. I have a good background in Petroleum Engineering as I am technically-oriented as well as I have trained in many corporations; such as GUPCO, Sino Tharwah drilling company and Petrosailah. Therefore, I experienced the on-shore and off-shore environments and practically attended the different operations applied on both, directional and vertical wells. I also learned about the the artificial lift techniques.

Drilling, Reservoir and production are my main technical approach that I have always been building up in. I attended and passed the IWCF level 2. In addition, I went through a long term course of  basic and advanced drilling and drilling fluids and passed the exam in the end.

I have an advanced level of English language, and I developed my language skills until I achieved a good band score in IELTS exam.

I am very positive and I can deal with many tasks at once having the capability of handling a client. I can work effectively with a team or even individually.